Sunday, December 8, 2013

The view from the Dr. Marjorie Atwood Studio.  The Red Mill in the background is where all the residents have their meals.

This morning I had to pull myself from the blankets of my twin bed.  I slept like a rock.  I am staying in Kowalsky House, one house and over the river away from the Maverick Writing Studios.  I had breakfast with a sculptor from Zimbabwe and we spoke of our journeys to Vermont.  His name is Stanley and he has been at VSC for one month, plans to stay another month.  I asked him if he plans on working today after brunch.  Stanley said he now takes weekends off after a frenzied first month of work, work, work.

I feel I don't I have this luxury.  I already feel my two weeks slipping by, yet there is a sort of rhythm I feel I must find.  No time to find, I think.  Just work.

So I head to my studio I set up last night in my exhaustion with a mug of hot tea and the most amazing view of the Gihon River from my window.  Only in this morning light am I able to truly appreciate this view.  My god.

I think the view from my window has forced me to listen a bit for that rhythm.   I think I will settle in with a few of my favorite books and read from each, summoning the ghosts that will help me write today.

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