Saturday, December 14, 2013

We are expecting up to twelve inches of snow tonight and through the morning.  It's been dark since 4:30p and the snow just arrived blowing in sideways off the mountain.

It's been an interesting few days.  The writing has been going well.  I've hit a stride in my revisions and it feels good to see the progress.  I just wish it would have happened a bit sooner.  I can't say I didn't expect this delay or at least expected that I would discover along the way how I operated at a residency.  Residents who have been here a month say a similar thing.  It took time to get into a groove and then they were off.  Good to know.  Will prepare for this next time.  I thought two weeks would be plenty of time to get shit done, but there seems to be a mandatory adjustment period, no?  We're in new places and want to see new things, on a different meal schedule and in another time zone.  With 4:30p sunsets and stuffy noses, my residency has a half-life.  I'm looking forward to what the next week brings, how much work I can get done.  One thing is confirmed: I am a slow writer.  Even when I'm moving, I'm moving slow.  Just part of my formula, I guess.  A little odd because I typically move at light speed, multitasking and juggling like a mofo.  Makes me think about how little writing I actually get done when normal life is in the way.  Crazy.  Gotta work on that.  

I think my freak out earlier this week coincided with my trying to write through a difficult part in the chapter.  That part is still unfinished, but I've pushed through to the other side and am having fun with the next section.  Sometimes the words flow.  Sometimes they don't.  There isn't much to be done except keep going.  It's got me wondering how other writers work through the hard parts.  Further investigation to come.
Took my own advice and signed up to read on Tuesday night.  Will keep you posted.

Her mama takes such good care of her.  Miss my girls. 

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